Alfa Chemistry Unveils Upgraded Additives as Ion Sensor Materials in ISE

Additives for ISE

The chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry has recently unveiled a new line of upgraded additives for use as ion sensor materials in Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE).

NY, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — Alfa Chemistry, a leading provider of chemicals and materials for research and development, has recently unveiled a new line of upgraded additives to be used as ion sensor materials in Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE). These additives are designed to enhance the performance and sensitivity of ISEs, making them more accurate and reliable for a wide range of applications.

Ion sensor materials play a crucial role in ISEs, which are used to measure the concentration of specific ions in a solution. These sensors are commonly used in various industries, including environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage production. The accuracy and reliability of these sensors depend on the quality of the ion sensor materials used.

The new additives introduced by Alfa Chemistry are specifically designed to improve the performance of ISEs by enhancing the ion-selective properties of the sensors.

One of the key additives unveiled by Alfa Chemistry is Potassium tetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate (CAS 105560-52-9), a compound that is known for its high selectivity towards potassium ions. This additive can greatly enhance the sensitivity of potassium ion sensors, making them ideal for applications where accurate measurement of potassium concentration is crucial.

In addition to potassium ion sensors, Alfa Chemistry also offers additives for sodium ion sensors, such as Sodium tetrakis[3,5-bis(1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-methoxy-2-propyl)phenyl]borate trihydrate (CAS 120945-63-3), Sodium tetrakis(4-fluorophenyl)borate dihydrate (CAS 207683-22-5), and Sodium tetra(p-tolyl)borate (CAS 15738-23-5). These additives are designed to improve the selectivity and sensitivity of sodium ion sensors, allowing for more accurate and reliable measurement of sodium concentration in a solution.

Furthermore, Alfa Chemistry has also introduced additives for other ions, such as Potassium tetrakis(4-tert-butylphenyl)borate (CAS 401818-78-8). These additives offer enhanced selectivity and sensitivity for sensors measuring the concentration of these ions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The introduction of these upgraded additives by Alfa Chemistry is expected to revolutionize the field of ion sensor materials and ISEs. Researchers and scientists in various industries can now benefit from improved sensor performance, leading to more accurate and reliable results in their experiments and applications.

The additives are now available for purchase on the Alfa Chemistry website, making it easy for researchers and scientists to access these innovative materials. With the introduction of these upgraded additives, Alfa Chemistry reaffirms its commitment to providing high-quality chemicals and materials for research and development in various fields.

For researchers interested in learning more about Alfa Chemistry’s additives as ion sensor materials for use in ISE, please visit to learn more.


With concerted efforts in the past decade of years and more, Alfa Chemistry is driving innovation and progress in analytical chemistry. For instance, its unveiling of upgraded additives is set to have a significant impact on the field of ion sensor materials and ISEs. Researchers and scientists can now take advantage of these additives to enhance the performance of their sensors and improve the accuracy of their measurements.

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