What Does Not, a London-based Experience and Culture Agency, Announces Plans to Take Innovative Event Series on the Road

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The all female team behind WDN

The all female team behind WDN

What Does Not (WDN), a London-based experience and culture agency, is making waves in the nightlife scene with its disruptive approach to nights out.

The fastest growing race is mixed race. So, learning how to co-exist in truly equitable ways, free of biases and preconceptions, is essential groundwork for this more diverse future that is emerging.”

— Christine Charitonos

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — At a time when society feels fragmented, and so many feel helpless about the state of the world, What Does Not is restoring people’s faith in humanity. How? By creating safe spaces of belonging that are vibey and cool – and helping people be part of reweaving society’s tattered social fabric in a more diverse and equitable way. “In the age of culture wars, the average person can be part of the change by tearing down their own preconceptions and biases about the world and people around them. Every generation thinks they’re going to be the last, but we’re just in between the end of one thing, and the beginning of something new. The fastest growing race globally is mixed race. So, learning how to co-exist in truly equitable ways free of biases and preconceptions is essential groundwork for this more diverse future.’ says founder Christine Charitonos.

It’s a movement to discover our shared humanity in cool ways, and at the forefront is WDN’s signature event series, RAW listening nights. A format that entails uncensored stories by everyday people paired with music and art, through the lens of a theme. Described as “one of the best nights out in London”, RAW is a status quo-shifting event format that is the first of its kind in the UK and the world. To that end, the agency are popping up this summer in Greece, with plans for the rest of the UK in Q4 and 2025.

“RAWs tear down barriers between humans. By taking the event format on the road, we can keep building cultural bridges between people, and countries,” says Christine.

The RAWs are proving to be a source of hope and inspiration for the many who are rejecting escapist nights out of drunkenness – a trend that began during the pandemic. According to Forbes: “Gen Z and millennials are kicking off a widespread sobriety movement across the globe, one that’s been broadly regarded as a cultural phenomenon driven by wellness trends, higher levels of introversion, and more alternative options like no- and low-alcohol drinks.”

For those seeking a more conscious outing that’s still fun, RAW listening nights have been turning nights out into transformative social and cultural experiences – in some of London’s most iconic venues and members’ clubs, including Soho House, The Ministry, Kindred, The Outernet, and Shoreditch Arts Club.

Previous RAW themes have included RESILIENCE, DEVIANCE, CONFESSIONS, DESIRE, MASCULINITY, HUSTLE, STIGMA, BODIES, MIND and REBELLION. The next RAW theme is MISFITS and it’s happening at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch, East London. Anyone, of any age and any walk of life with a story to share on the theme, can be part of the curated line-up – for which they must contact the team.

Restoring faith for all means keeping the events accessible. To do this, RAW uses a pay-what-you-can ticketing model akin to the Burning Man one, that makes sure no one has to cut back on fun and belonging. Tickets start from free with further options at £3, £5, £10, £12, and £15. This approach makes sure culture and entertainment available to everyone in the capital, no matter their personal circumstances.

In the post-pandemic era, amid the cost-of-living crisis, and a world that can seem broken, WDN recognises the hunger for experiences and connection – also known as the experience economy. They define their antidote to the status quo of division and disconnection as a ‘social mixology’ approach. It creates a cultural glue, bridging diverse audiences through carefully curated events.

Christine Charitonos, Founder & Creative Director of WDN, says, “Joy is so important in sustaining us through hard times. As is belonging. RAW listening nights cut across social silos, succeeding in building an organic and authentic community. By combining the rawness of human experience with the vibey coolness of a quintessential London night out, we’ve managed to create a cathartic, new format. In many ways, RAWs are a source of hope, closing the loneliness gap one night at a time.”

Since 2022, RAW has had a notable impact on the cultural landscape, weaving together a patchwork microcosm of London’s melting pot. All in all, over 200 storytellers, 150 musicians, 40 mentored young event producers and creatives, 20 showcased artists and creators, and a remarkable 3,800 attendees have come together to share their experiences and talents. WDN takes pride in having got this far by being 100% bootstrapped, without funding, grants, loans, or sponsors, to maintain complete independence in its creative endeavours. Making the nights London’s best-kept secret.

Behind WDN is a multi-cultural, all-female team of hospitality, events, and creative industry veterans. Having come from high end events for the film industry, they now apply their acute attention to detail and eye for curation, to create something truly special for the general public. The team ensures RAWs touch all the senses, and provide a platform for real human stories and emerging culture to bridge the divides between people and communities.

For tickets to the next RAW | MISFITS on April 9th book on Design My Night.


What Does Not is a culture agency and creative incubator that is the brainchild of divergent thinker and story collector, Christine Charitonos. Christine is a creative industries veteran and professional Swiss Army knife who knows all too well how much of a closed club most industries, communities and some events can be, and how soul-sapping networking events are. Together, the all-female team is setting out to tear down barriers to access, purpose and belonging, so culture, opportunities, and community are available to all.

WDN has already rolled out its programming in London, with plans to take both B2C and B2B propositions abroad in 2024. They are seeking more venues, brands, and partners to unlock the change-making potential of humans for brands, creatives, and the world.

For more information, get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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What Does Not
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