Tobi Shinobi’s AR Infused Photography Takes Times Square Thanks to Big Win at MvVO Ad Art Show
Tobi Shinobi’s AR Infused Photography Takes Times Square Thanks to Big Win at MvVO Ad Art Show

Tobi Shinobi’s Gram-atically Correct Featured in Times Square thanks to MvVO Ad Art Show Win

Crowd gathers at Powerhouse Arts to experience Tobi Shinobi's Gram-atically Correct

Crowd gathers at Powerhouse Arts to experience Tobi Shinobi’s Gram-atically Correct

A mother and daughter experience Augmented Reality photography presented by the Artist, Tobi Shinobi

Guests at the MvVO Ad Art Show enjoy Gram-atically Correct Demonstration by Artist, Tobi Shinobi

Tobi Shinobi, an abstract mixed media photographer, wins at this year’s MVVO Ad Art Show, casting a light on Deybruyar, a pioneering creative consultancy.

Gram-atically Correct is a very interesting and captivating project. I love seeing the photos come to life. The voiceover is perfection. It feels like I am watching a mini docu-series.”

— Marco Gallotta, Artist & Fellow MvVO Ad Art Show Winner

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, CHICAGO, October 20, 2023 / — Tobi Shinobi wins the MVVO Ad Art Show with a well-deserved victory. Tobi Shinobi is renowned for his varied portfolio, which includes high-profile events, product photography, architecture, interviews, and ground-breaking studies in AI.

Two of his pieces were selected by a panel of acclaimed individuals from the arts community making him one of the MvVO Ad Art Show’s three winners. Tobi’s featured work, Gram-atically Correct, skillfully merges actual and digital worlds, letting spectators to fully experience the exciting world of Augmented Reality and leaving them with an element of surprise. This victory serves as a springboard for what is certain to be a successful creative career and serves as a testament to Tobi’s creative prowess and his capacity to blur the barriers between artist and audience.

The MVVO Ad Art Show, founded by Maria Van Vlodrop, is a renowned and cutting-edge art exhibition that was first presented at Sotheby’s NYC and is currently in its sixth year. In keeping with the heritage of illustrious artists like Warhol and Rosenquist, the event highlights the vital contributions of artists who got their start in the industry in advertising but with a passion for fine art. See the celebration of winners here:

To add, attendees that joined earlier in the evening for the 2023 Clio Creative Summit event this year had the opportunity to hear from and be inspired by KAWS, who has made a name for himself by creating limited-edition toys and apparel. Similar to the finalists and winners of the MvVO Ad Art Show, his work has the ability to straddle the line between fine art and commerce.

A day full inspiration & Tobi’s success signifies a path toward a lasting artistic legacy.

Tobi Shinobi, represented by the Founder of Deybruyar, a creative consultancy dedicated to championing talents like Tobi, is eager to explore collaborative opportunities that continue to bridge the gap between advertising and authentic creativity. For inquiries or additional information, please contact Erin Sweeney at [email protected]

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MvVO Ad Art Show Winners Take Times Square!

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