The Cost of ‘Home Alone’ Movie Damages Soars Over 30 Years
The Cost of ‘Home Alone’ Movie Damages Soars Over 30 Years

The ConsumerAffairs Research Team calculated how much the damages in “Home Alone” would cost to repair today vs. when the movie was released (1990).

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 / — The holiday classic “Home Alone” recently marked its 33rd anniversary by being inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

Kevin McCallister’s DIY security tactics still draw laughs, but an analysis by ConsumerAffairs shows the costs to repair the damage have skyrocketed since 1990.

According to the report, the estimated cost to repair the McCallister house after Kevin was left home alone was around $3,400 in 1990. Factoring for inflation, the same repairs would cost $7,900 today — a whopping 132.7% increase.

Additional flooding damage to the Murphy family’s home next door would also be significantly higher now: approximately $288,589 compared to $124,027 in 1990.

Luckily, home insurance could help cover some of these costs.

“If he was just playing around to amuse himself, there would be no coverage under a standard homeowner policy,” according to insurance expert Anthony Verreos. “But he was defending himself and the home, so it would all be covered on a replacement cost basis.”

This holiday season, ConsumerAffairs advises you to embrace your inner Kevin McCallister responsibly —leave home security to the professionals.

McCallister home damage repair costs: 1990 vs. 2023

Please note that these figures represent reasonable approximations for the damages incurred by Kevin’s pranks, given the limited information provided in the film. Actual costs could vary depending on factors such as local market rates for labor and materials.

A full illustrated breakdown of the costs of all the damages featured in ‘Home Alone’ can be found in the original story:

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