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Each  year AES celebrates greatest achievements in energy and sustainability.

Honoring the highest achievers in 2023

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Each year, the American Energy Society spotlights the people, media, technologies, and artists that made extraordinary contributions to the sector.

Energy and sustainability are this generation’s greatest challenges. These awards allow us to celebrate what has been achieved thus far.””

— Eric J. Vettel, PhD, President, AES

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 11, 2023 / — Each year, the American Energy Society surveys the energy and sustainability landscape and spotlights the people, media, technologies, and artists that made extraordinary contributions to the sector. The following are a sample of winners from 50 categories. Please visit the American Energy Society to see all of the winners, a few of the nominees, and background on how the winners are selected. (Editor’s note: Nominations for 2024 book awards are now open.)

Energy person of the year, global: Fatih Birol (Director of the IEA)

Energy person of the year, United States: Janet Yellen (US Secretary of the Treasury)

Energy thought leader in higher education: David Victor (UCSD)

Best book about energy: From Black Gold to Frozen Gas, by Tusiani and Johnson

Best energy biography: Elon Musk, by Walter Isaacson

Best book about the environment/sustainability: Wasteland, by Oliver Franklin-Wallis

Best energy business history: The Fund, by Rob Copeland

Energy company of the year: Cleveland Cliffs

Most interesting small energy company: Twelve

Most interesting energy-related scientific experiment (3.88 megajoules!): Second validation of fusion, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Most innovative utility: SoCalGas

Best popular movie about energy: Killers of the Flower Moon

Best documentary about energy: King Coal

Energy/Environment song of the year: Cruel Summer, by Taylor Swift (re-release)

Best ad campaign about energy and/or sustainability: Apple’s ESG report to Mother Nature (played by Octavia Spencer)

Best published research article for a general audience: National Transmission Study Needs, by the US Department of Energy

Best new energy education resource: Understand Energy Learning Hub, by Stanford University

Best use of social media about energy/environment: US Department of Interior, National Park Service

Best edited book about energy: Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions

Best energy professional membership program: AES

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