Shawn Lesser Unveils THE REAL on World Mental Health Day: Global Initiatives Pioneering Change for Men’s Mental Health

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2023 / — On World Mental Health Day and with Movember around the corner, seasoned finance professional and mental health advocate, Shawn Lesser, proudly introduces THE REAL Mental Health Foundation. This innovative initiative is designed to cultivate a global community focused on uplifting and supporting the mental health and well-being of men.

A Vision that Transcends Boundaries

THE REAL Mental Health Foundation aspires to challenge entrenched societal narratives, offering a haven for open expression and fostering genuine peer connections. In line with the spirit of Movember, the initiative envisions a world where men’s mental health is prioritized, creating ripples of positivity affecting families and broader communities.

Shawn Lesser:

From Financial Maven to Mental Health Champion
Renowned for co-founding the industry’s premier Impact Investing Investment Bank, Big Path Capital’s success, lauded by Barron’s as “Impact Investing’s Investment Bank,” speaks to his commendable professional trajectory. However, it’s his recent personal journey through anxiety and depression that fuels his passion for THE REAL Mental Health Foundation. Drawing strength from his personal experiences of enrolling in two mental health treatment centers where he earned the candid nickname “Shaky”, Shawn endeavors to find purpose out of his pain. His story, and those of others, are being spotlighted through “The Real Talks”, shedding light on the raw, unfiltered truths of mental health.

The Pillars of THE REAL:


Through ‘The Real Talks’, Shawn presents his personal mental health journey, while also providing a platform for others to share. This includes LinkedIn live mental health breaks, which occur weekly.

Community: ‘The Real Walks’ foster genuine peer connections, both virtually and in-person. The Real App acts as a hub, offering curated classes, a directory of pre-vetted service providers, and a realm for mental health sponsors to converge. Partner events, livestreams, and community ambassadors further amplify

THE REAL’s mission.

Capital: ‘The Real Capital’ emphasizes a holistic approach to mental health. By developing comprehensive research reports, and re-granting funds to marginalized mental health non-profits, THE REAL is creating long-term change.

Join the Movement 
In conjunction with Mental Health Day and the forthcoming Movember, men and allies are encouraged to join THE REAL Mental Health Foundation in revolutionizing the conversation around male mental health. Together, as a collective, the vision of a supportive, informed, and empathetic global community becomes attainable.

For more information or to join the community visit THE REAL’s website. Shawn is available for interviews as well.

About Shawn Lesser

At 54, Shawn isn’t just a father of two a husband and a respected business leader; he’s a beacon of resilience in the realm of mental health advocacy. His professional prowess, combined with his raw, authentic advocacy, makes him a force to be reckoned with in both the finance and mental health sectors.

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