Sarasota Open Serves Up Sustainability with RecycleBalls Partnership

RecycleBalls patented tennis ball collection and shipping bin.

Championing Eco-Friendly Tennis: Tackling Waste and Advancing Sustainability Through Partnership

We’re thrilled to team up with RecycleBalls for the Sarasota Open.”

— Bjorn Turnquist

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023/ — The Elizabeth Moore Sarasota Open and RecycleBalls are joining forces to make this year’s tennis tournament greener than ever! Used tennis balls from the Sarasota Open, running April 9th – 16th 2023, will be recycled with the help of RecycleBalls, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing tennis waste by recycling tennis balls and promoting sustainability.

Bjorn Turnquist, Recreation Leader for Payne Park Tennis Center, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to team up with RecycleBalls for the Sarasota Open. This collaboration not only helps the environment but also showcases our commitment to sustainability in the sport. We are proud to work year-round with RecycleBalls to recycle the tennis balls at the Payne Park Tennis Center.”

The Sarasota Open, known for its action-packed matches and picturesque coastal backdrop, is also taking the lead in environmental responsibility. Led by the event’s Title Sponsor, environmentalist and philanthropist Elizabeth Moore has personally pushed through other green initiatives for the tournament including food composting, reducing plastic use and donating used athletic clothing to local charities.

Erin Cunningham, Executive Director at RecycleBalls, shared her excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are delighted to work with the Sarasota Open and recycle the tennis balls used in the tournament. This partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration in driving sustainable change within the sports industry.”

RecycleBalls, a Vermont-based nonprofit, recently reached a milestone of recycling 10 million tennis balls. Using the proprietary Green Machine, the tennis balls are given multiple lives and can be upcycled or broken down into the component parts and recycled. Tennis balls have become a variety of things including horse footing in arenas and the rubber has been part of resurfacing new tennis courts.

Together, the Sarasota Open and RecycleBalls will promote sustainability throughout the tournament. By recycling tennis balls, they hope to inspire other tournaments and sports facilities to follow suit, raising awareness about the importance of sustainability in sports.

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About Sarasota Open:

The Sarasota Open is a premier tennis tournament held annually in Sarasota, Florida. Known for its competitive matches and picturesque coastal location, the tournament is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing its environmental impact.

About RecycleBalls:

RecycleBalls is a pioneering, nationwide initiative committed to reusing and recycling tennis balls across the United States. With their patented collection program, the organization provides a simple, eco-friendly solution for individuals and facilities to recycle tennis balls. Founded in2017, RecycleBalls is dedicated to diverting millions of tennis balls from landfills, giving them a new purpose through innovative recycling processes.


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