Protecting Companion Animals if the Unforeseen Occurs

Every pet deserves advance planning

More than 500,000 pets are euthanized every year because of a failure to plan for their care in case the unexpected occurs.”

— Dr. Patricia W. McCartney

FORNEY, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2023/ — Although most Americans consider pets to be family members, they are rarely provided for in case of an emergency. In fact, more than 500,000 pets are euthanized every year because of a failure to plan for their care in case the unexpected occurs. That sad reality was the inspiration behind the formation of Fourtail.

Fourtail is a digital source of advanced directives for individuals and their beloved pets. All documents are lawyer drafted, and intended to comply with individual state laws regarding advanced planning for companion animals.

“The reality is most people don’t have documents, such as pet emergency cards simply because they haven’t been educated on them. According to Dr. Patricia McCartney, attorney and Fourtail founder. “Given the chance, pet owners want to take the steps to ensure their animals will be seamlessly cared for in case of an emergency or if circumstances change for the pet parent/owner”.

‘A Pet Care Trust is a legal document that details the care and maintenance of a pet if owner is no longer able to”, according to McCartney.

A Pet Care Trust can be created for any companion animal, whether dog, cat, lama, bird, reptile or any other animal that is kept and considered as a pet. It identifies the Trustee who the pet owner has pre-selected to step in and provide for the needs and desires for a pet, in a manner that the owner determines.

“Americans love their pets and want to spoil them. If something happens and they are no longer able to provide the love and care the pet deserves, owners want the peace of mind knowing that their companion animals will still receive the same standard of care that their pets are accustomed to. By creating a trust and funding it (either in life or through life insurance or other assets of their estate) all pets and equine can be ensured a forever home, no matter what the future holds..”

Fourtail also offers wallet size pet emergency cards to notify first responders or other emergency personnel that there pets at home, in case the unexpected occurs.

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