New Children’s Book “Weebert Has an Adventure” Celebrates the Power of Imagination, Friendship, and Diversity
New Children’s Book “Weebert Has an Adventure” Celebrates the Power of Imagination, Friendship, and Diversity

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 22, 2023 / — “Weebert Has an Adventure,” a heartwarming and imaginative children’s book written by Lorraine Laverton and beautifully illustrated by Amy P Simmonds, is set to captivate the hearts of readers, young and old. Inspired by the unique world of handmade robot sculptures, this enchanting tale celebrates diversity, encourages the embrace of individuality, and ignites the imagination of children.

From Scrap to Stories: Grandma’s Journey to Creative Success

Lorraine Laverton, not just a Grandma but a lifelong dreamer, has always aspired to write stories. Her creative spark, however, found an unexpected source of inspiration – her husband, Andy, who crafted robot sculptures from discarded materials. These whimsical robots, lovingly known as “The Berts,” sparked Lorraine’s imagination. She saw in each robot a unique story waiting to be told, and thus, “Weebert Has an Adventure” was born.

A Tale That Resonates with All Ages

“Weebert Has an Adventure” is not just a children’s book; it’s a journey filled with creativity, love, and life lessons. It captures the hearts of both children and adults, reminding us all that sometimes, the most extraordinary tales are found in the everyday things that others might overlook.

Key Highlights of “Weebert Has an Adventure”

• Unique Inspiration: The story is inspired by Andy’s handmade robot sculptures, adding an element of creativity and resourcefulness that is captivating and inspiring.

• Celebration of Diversity: The book promotes diversity and inclusion in a fun and relatable way, teaching the important lesson that “everyone is different” and that these differences should be celebrated.

• Heartwarming Friendship: Through the characters of “The Berts,” the book emphasizes the significance of kindness, cooperation, and supporting one another, offering a heartwarming portrayal of friendship.

• Stimulating Imagination: “Weebert Has an Adventure” encourages children to use their imagination to create their own adventures, sparking creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

• Embracing New Experiences: The book teaches children the joy of trying new things and embarking on adventures, a valuable life lesson for personal growth and development.

• Universal Appeal: While designed for children, the book contains universal themes and messages that resonate with readers of all ages, bridging generational gaps and creating a shared reading experience for families.

• A Message of Hope: In a world that can often feel divided, the book carries a message of hope, unity, and the power of coming together to make the world a better place.

Quotes from the Author

Lorraine Laverton, the author, expressed her excitement for the book, saying, “I’ve always dreamt of writing stories, and ‘Weebert Has an Adventure’ allowed me to bring my dreams to life. The characters of ‘The Berts’ and the message of embracing diversity and the power of imagination are close to my heart. I hope readers, both young and old, will find joy and inspiration in this book.”

About The Author

Lorraine Laverton is not just a Mum and Grandma but a lifelong dreamer who has always aspired to write stories. “Weebert Has an Adventure” is the culmination of her creative journey, inspired by her husband’s unique robot sculptures, “The Berts.” Through her book, she aims to inspire young minds and promote the values of diversity, friendship, and the power of imagination.

About the Illustrator

Amy P Simmonds is an accomplished illustrator known for her ability to bring stories to life through her beautiful and captivating artwork. Her illustrations in “Weebert Has an Adventure” enhance the enchanting world of “The Berts.”

Availability and Ordering Information

“Weebert Has an Adventure” is available now and makes an ideal Christmas gift and a cherished bedtime story. This delightful children’s book can be purchased through major retailers and online platforms, including Amazon.

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