Major League Sustainability Unveils The Inaugural NFL Sustainability Report

Major League Sustainability presents the first NFL team sustainability report.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

Stadiums, operations, strategy and supply chains are all assessed to create a League Table of Sustainability performance for NFL Teams.

Every NFL Team reviewed against publicly disclosed data presenting the first sustainability league table for NFL Teams

We hope it sparks conversation, collaboration and healthy competition, in pursuit of even greater results next year, this is the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Major League Sports industry.”

— Tristan Niesslein

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 23, 2024 / — Major League Sustainability, an independent platform dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship within the Major League Sports industry, is excited to announce the release of its inaugural NFL Sustainability Report on Friday, February 23rd. This ground-breaking report, compiled using publicly disclosed information, offers a comprehensive league table ranking the sustainability efforts of teams within the National Football League (NFL).

The report aims to highlight the commendable strides NFL teams are making towards sustainability, showcasing initiatives in energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable transportation, and community engagement among others. By creating a league table based on these efforts, Major League Sustainability seeks to foster a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration among teams, encouraging them to elevate their environmental and social responsibility practices.

Report Highlights Include:

• Comprehensive League Table: A detailed ranking of NFL teams based on their sustainability initiatives and achievements.

• Innovative Practices: Insight into the most innovative and impactful sustainability practices adopted by NFL teams.

• Strategic Insights: Analysis of how sustainability is integrated into the strategic planning and operations of NFL teams.

• Future Outlook: An exploration of the future directions and potential improvements in the sustainability efforts of the NFL.

The NFL Sustainability Report by Major League Sustainability serves as a testament to the power of sports as a platform for positive environmental change. It aims to not only recognize the efforts of leading teams but also to inspire further action across the league and beyond.

This report, alongside those published previously for Major League Soccer, and those planned in future, are unique in offering insights and actionable advice for the teams, leagues and partners of the reviewed teams that is specific to them, bringing forward the experience and expertise of the report’s authors.

Bringing Sustainability Front and Center

“The second report from Major League Sustainability is truly an exciting one, bringing the sustainability disciplines into the most elite of sporting categories. It has been incredible to see the strength in depth of activity that is happening in the NFL and some of the exceptional results that formed this first league table for NFL Teams’ sustainability. We hope it sparks conversation, collaboration and healthy competition, in pursuit of even greater results next year”, says Tristan Niesslein, founder of Major League Sustainability, “This is the beginning of a beautiful journey, for the Major League Sports industry”.

About Major League Sustainability:

Major League Sustainability is an independent initiative committed to highlighting and promoting sustainability within major sports leagues around the globe. Through comprehensive research, analysis, and reporting, Major League Sustainability aims to encourage sports organizations to adopt more sustainable practices, making a significant impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

For more information about the NFL Sustainability Report and to explore the full findings, visit our website at on February 23rd.

Tristan Niesslein
Niesslein Sustainability Partners
[email protected]

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