Iowa Sets Stage for American Small Businesses To Grab The Spotlight and Scale Client Attraction With IbizFair
Iowa Sets Stage for American Small Businesses To Grab The Spotlight and Scale Client Attraction With IbizFair

Iowa Business Fair

Strong promotional platform for small businesses

Ibizfair 2024 – Iowa Business Fair Aids Small Businesses Gain Traction With Meaningful Promotions and Visibility Creation.

IOWA CITY, IOWA, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 / — Iowa Business Fair is all set to create the much needed promotional platform for small businesses to prosper and flourish. A state that has a very high number of small businesses that forms part of its economy, it is no doubt Iowa understands what small and mid sized businesses need to thrive and flourish. Organized by Neuworldz and City of Coralville, the Iowa Business Fair could be the much needed industry disruptor and game changer for US based small businesses who struggle to shine among competition and thrive.

The uniqueness of the event lies in its ability to provide visibility to the participating small business beyond the actual footfall. By providing the exhibitors the opportunity to be viewed far and wide with business owner interviews on YouTube and wide media digital press features of the event – it gives the exhibitors a wide visibility and recognition for their work. The participating businesses are those from travel and tourism, internet providers, jewelry, fashion, lifestyle, gifts and memoirs, art and more. Small businesses from Iowa and other states including California are joining this business fair this year.

The event is being organized by Iowa based business Neuworldz, owned by Shrravonii Paul – a qualified organizational and industrial psychologist and organizational development professional with praiseworthy significant experience, takes the lead to organize an event that aims to enable small businesses to attract more clients and create a strong visibility not only locally but also nationally. The event is a brainchild of Paul who aims to help small business owners find a viable solution to their small business marketing challenges.

Supported by the City of Coralville, the event is set to happen on April 27th, with a dozen small businesses participating in its first year, each representing a unique industry with their exhibits and offerings that is sure to grab the attention and limelight of its potential clientele. With jut a month to the event and very few spots remaining, Ibizfair invites small businesses to apply for participation and get the one of its kind opportunity to promote and prosper.

The biggest challenge of small businesses is that marketing and advertising is expensive, which is why not all small businesses are able to afford it. Iowa Business Fair or IbizFair aims to solve this problem by enabling small businesses of USA to find a viable platform and opportunity to get meaningful promotions within unbelievably affordable pricing – that is a big solution for small businesses. The event provides two levels of participation where businesses can choose event day participation along with wide media event day promotions and couple it with six month social media promotions with tags that is sure to boost a lot of online visibilities for these small businesses who deserve to be seen and known.

The City of Coralville under the administration of city administrator Kelly Hayworth has seen immense development and infrastructural growth in the last few years and by hosting the Iowa Business Fair, Hayworth’s vision and purpose to encourage development and growth is evident and praiseworthy. The organizer Shrravonii Paul, who herself has served large organizations in prominent roles understand the challenges of small businesses and hence brings her expertise and experience to help resolve this challenge with a viable suitable solution that is both effective and efficient.

This event is also creating a good community connect for the locals and is being perceived as an opportunity to meet and mingle and learn about these businesses, what they offer and also find win win solutions through products, offers, job support or other forms of collaboration.

It is praiseworthy of Iowa creating this opportunity for small businesses to make a mark and be seen and known for what they offer. With its promising format and offerings Iowa Business Fair is likely to set the stage for American small businesses to build their brands and businesses through effective and meaningful promotions and client attraction.

Iowa Business Fair
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