Introducing Minhwa Spirits: An Asian-American Owned Soju Distillery in Doraville, GA

DORAVILLE, GA, USA, September 19, 2023/ — Minhwa Spirits is proud to announce the launch of their handcrafted soju distillery, bringing the rich tradition of Korean spirits to the United States. As one of the first Asian-American owned soju distilleries in the US, Minhwa Spirits is breaking new ground in the world of craft spirits. Based in Doraville, Georgia, Minhwa Spirits is committed to promoting Korean culture and supporting the local Asian community.

Minhwa Spirits distinguishes itself as one of the only grain-to-glass soju manufacturers in the country. Every bottle of soju is crafted with just four simple ingredients: rice, yeast, North Georgia spring water, and nuruk (a traditional Korean fermentation starter). This minimalist approach reflects the brand’s dedication to producing an authentic, high-quality product that captures the essence of traditional Korean spirits.

The company plans to offer two products at launch with names that are playful riffs of Korean spirits in folklore. Dokkaebi a low 17% abv soju which draws inspiration from Korean goblins and Yong a 40% abv soju showcasing dragons. Both varieties will come in 375ml sizes with Yong also available in a 750ml size bottle.

“We are excited to share our passion for Korean spirits with the US market,” said James Kim, Co Founder of Minhwa Spirits. “Our goal is not only to provide a superior soju experience but also to educate and inspire people about Korean culture and tradition.”

Minhwa Spirits takes pride in its handcrafted production process, which pays homage to time-honored methods while incorporating modern techniques for a unique and unforgettable taste. Each batch of soju is carefully fermented, distilled, and bottled in-house, ensuring the utmost quality and consistency.The company’s dedication to fostering a deep appreciation for Korean spirits extends beyond the bottle. Minhwa Spirits is committed to supporting the Asian community in Doraville and beyond through cultural events, education, and collaborative initiatives.

As Minhwa Spirits begins its journey to redefine soju in the United States, the team invites everyone to join them in celebrating the rich history and vibrant culture of Korea. To learn more about Minhwa Spirits, their handcrafted soju, and their community initiatives, visit their website at or follow them on social media on Instagram at @minhwaspirits.

About Minhwa Spirits

Minhwa Spirits is an Asian-American owned soju company based in Doraville, Georgia. Founded by James Kim and Ming Han Chung, Minhwa Spirits is dedicated to crafting authentic, high-quality soju using traditional Korean methods. With a focus on supporting the Asian community and promoting Korean culture, Minhwa Spirits seeks to educate and inspire people about the world of Korean spirits.

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