Highly Anticipated Future of Medicine Art Contest (FoMAC) Returns for its Second Year

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EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following its immensely successful spring contest last year, Future of Medicine Art Contest (FoMAC), sponsored by Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP), is excited to announce the 2024 spring contest is now accepting submissions. Student artists can submit their work during the submission window until April 26, 2024. Winners will be announced in June 2024.

FoMAC fosters relationships with rural high school and post-secondary students to contribute to the intersection of art and medicine and ensure that excellent health services are available to all Albertans. Our healthcare system is under significant strain, and FoMAC believes that by mentoring and guiding rural students, they can become part of the solution.

Last year, after an overwhelming number of submissions, FoMAC named Vladyslava Pashchenko, a high school student who resides in Provost, Alberta, the winner of the 2023 spring contest. Along with a cash prize, Vladyslava also received mentorship in her chosen healthcare field. She hopes that other young artists will take advantage of this opportunity, especially those who might be hesitant to do so:

“Receiving such a prestigious award brings a sense of joy, pride and recognition of the hard work and creativity that went into creating this work of art. Winning the grand prize is a significant milestone in my artistic career, providing encouragement and motivation to pursue my passion for artistic expression and to explore the intersection of art and medicine. I would strongly encourage young artists to take advantage of art competition opportunities, even if they seem difficult or doubting at first. Take the chance to showcase your talent and creativity despite any uncertainties or doubts you may have. Push yourself beyond your limits and trust your abilities to shine.”

-Vladyslava Pashchenko, 2023 spring contest winner

FoMac aims to foster creativity, inspire innovation, and engage the next generation of artists to envision the intersection of art and medicine. By participating, students could make a meaningful impact and contribute to the dialogue surrounding the future of medicine. Submissions will be evaluated based on artistic merit, originality, and relevance to the theme.


First Place: $1,000

Second Place: $500

Third Place: $250

All winners will receive mentorship in their chosen healthcare field, which is a unique opportunity for students to speak directly with practitioners in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other medical disciplines to help support and plan their future.

From pencil sketches to digital masterpieces, the canvas awaits the creative interpretation of students. FoMAC encourages creativity to flow in any medium—be it crayons, markers, watercolours, or digital illustrations—on paper, canvas, or 2D artboard. Full details are described in the contest details.

FoMAC invites students to delve into the depths of their creativity and forge a narrative that transcends boundaries to paint a vivid picture of the future of healthcare.

For submission guidelines and further details, please visit: https://fomacalberta.ca/.

FoMAC eagerly awaits the awe-inspiring creations that the post-secondary students will bring to this year’s contest. Let the artistic journey begin!


About Future of Medicine Art Contest (FoMAC): Founded by Dr. Firdaus Mydeen, the Future of Medicine Art Contest (FoMAC) was created to promote and encourage high school and post-secondary students to cultivate their passion for art and for medicine in rural communities. The contest serves as a way for artists, medical professionals, and students to create artwork that reflects their creative and future-forward medical concepts in relation to the healthcare sector in rural Alberta. 

About Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP): The Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP) is an initiative that aims to enhance the quality of healthcare in rural communities across Alberta. RhPAP collaborates with rural communities, healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and government bodies to address healthcare workforce challenges and improve access to healthcare services in rural areas. To learn more about RhPAP, please visit RhPAP.ca.

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