High-Achievers Find Fulfillment After Success with New Program

Gina Maier Vincent | TV & Podcast Host | Transformation Expert celebrating 20 years of helping her high-achieving clients live a rich with meaning and purpose.

This individually curated, private 2-hour session (in person or virtually) shines a light on the attendees to help them transition from success to fulfillment. A life rich with purpose and meaning.

This individually curated, private 2-hour session (in person or virtually) shines a light on the attendees to help them transition from success to fulfillment. A life rich with purpose and meaning.

Exquisitely Aligned... the answers are on the inside!

Exquisitely Aligned… the answers are on the inside!

Gina Maier Vincent launches “Significance, Satisfaction, and Sangria,” an individually curated transformative 2-hour experience delivering purpose and meaning.

To chase success we give up defining pieces of ourselves. I’m a New Yorker by birth. I move fast and I don’t sugarcoat. I help people reclaim their defining pieces so they find fulfillment faster.”

— Gina Maier Vincent | Transformational Life Coach | TV & Podcast Host

COTO DE CAZA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gina Maier Vincent created Significance, Satisfaction, and Sangria to demystify fulfillment and deliver a value-rich, results-driven, and lasting transformative experience exceeding the demands of her high-achieving, successful clients who have enjoyed life’s luxuries and are now ready for a life rich in meaning. Attendees find answers through an individually curated, private 2-hour session (in person or virtually), where they have the spotlight shining on their true talents and purpose in life. The clarity they receive moves them to instantly take bold and courageous action, causing an immediate and profound change in their way of living and experiencing the world.

“Today people want more out of life. After decades dedicated to attaining knowledge and degrees, and spending endless hours working toward recognition, they realize life’s luxuries are lovely, but in the end, those titles lose relevance and the treasures collect dust; neither delivers fulfillment. Their focus shifts from professional to purpose-driven… a life rich in meaning,” says Gina Maier Vincent of Exquisitely Aligned. “The problem is, there’s a gap that needs to be addressed and filled before one can experience the significance they truly desire.”

She notes that in order to chase success, most people:

• Pass up on passions to invest their time and energy to be promoted

• Sacrifice relationships with loved ones, in exchange for recognition

• Give up heartfelt desires and succumb to the promises of sensory marketing

• Forego a healthy lifestyle (food, exercise, rest) because they believe they’re invincible

To chase success, we give up defining pieces of ourselves – truths, desires, and passions. The New Yorker in me simply cannot sit back and watch someone stay stagnant after decades devoted to their career. That is why I do this work. I help people reclaim those missing pieces and live a life rich in meaning! It’s a journey deep into their souls so they can enjoy living Exquisitely Aligned more quickly and easily.” says Gina Maier Vincent.

TRANSFORMATION IS AN INSIDE JOURNEY – a unique and personal one, deep to the soul of one’s heartfelt desires.

Unlike traditional coaching programs, this holistic and avant-garde approach includes:

1) Time-tested ancient and modern face reading techniques

2) Proven contemporary transformation methods

3) A never-done-before 2-hour timeframe to get instant inspiration for results

4) Shining a spotlight on the individual’s truths, desires, and passions

“One moment of clarity overpowers years of uncertainty. The face reading is the perfect rocket launch for your long-lasting fulfillment. YOUR FACE IS THE KEY – it is the diary of your life. I help you discover the hidden truths of your past, present, and future through the unique features of your face,” says Sabine Kaiser, Face Reading & Behavioral Expert.

Significance, Satisfaction, and Sangria was created and led by two experts in their respective fields, Gina Maier Vincent and Sabine Kaiser, who are visionaries and passionate promoters of forward movement.

What one can expect from Significance, Satisfaction, and Sangria:

• Personalized guidance and support from two experts in complementary fields

• Clarity regarding one’s deepest fulfillment and what matters the most in life

• Learn to balance ambition with contentment without concern about what others think

• How to rekindle and add depth to one’s relationships with memorable moments

• How to figure out one’s next steps toward one’s infinite possibilities

• Discover how to remain relevant and make a positive impact

This game-changing combination offers a value-rich, results-driven, and lasting transformative experience exceeding the demands of the underserved and ever-growing population of people seeking purpose.

About Sabine Kaiser:

Sabine is a holistic face reading and behavioral expert who utilizes modern and ancient methods and body language interpretation to translate all information into a life-changing personal message for her clients. She helps people worldwide reconnect with themselves to uncover their true purpose in life, understand their personality traits, primary motivators, and talents, and enhance their relationships in their private and business lives. After working with Sabine, individuals and business leaders understand themselves, others, & situations with clarity, have higher self-esteem, enhanced relationships, improved communication skills, and more success & revenue in business.

About Gina Maier Vincent:

Gina Maier Vincent, a transformational life coach, has helping her high-achieving clients live a life rich with purpose and fulfillment for twenty years. In 2017, she founded Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty. Now, Gina is the Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned, a 3-step proven system. She hosts the Exquisitely Aligned show found on Experts & Authors TV as well as the Exquisitely Aligned podcast. Gina has appeared on The Relatable Voice Podcast, Dare to be Authentic Radio, and has been seen in “Greet Coto de Caza”, KRON-TV, KTXL-TV (FOX40), and more. For more info visit the Press Room: https://exquisitelyaligned.com/press-room/

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Exquisitely Aligned… the answers are on the inside!

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