Germany’s Award-Winning recording studio offers with MUSIC4.SPA custom musical arrangements for optimal well-being

Offering a deeper perception and ultimate customer experience

Peter Bender, MUSIC4.SPA

Peter Bender, MUSIC4.SPA

Award winner Peter Bender, 3DEOT of gegenwartsstudio

Award winner Peter Bender, 3DEOT of gegenwartsstudio

The purpose of our existence is the immense passion for music and the fascination with the positive effects of sounds on people’s well-being,”

— Peter Bender, MUSIC4.SPA

GERMANY, April 14, 2023 / — According to the World Health Organization, global stress is at an all-time high, with a 25 percent hike in anxiety and depression. Still, one innovative musical company is harmonizing the body with soothing melodies. Meet MUSIC4.SPA of gegenwartsstudio, a one-of-a-kind spa soundscape company focusing on adding a layer of intentional and uninterrupted themes for the optimal wellness experience.

The professional producer and his cooperating sound artists provide signature sounds for treatment rooms and relaxation areas, 3D audio sound design, immersive soundscapes for soundbars or headphones, sound concept development, and more.

As a proud member of the German Wellness Association (DWV) and also of the Association of German sound engineers (vdt), the company was awarded the Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2022, for the 3DEOT by gegenwartsstudio, The 3-dimensional soundscape is used for headphones at the end of a wellness treatment like a massage. The immersive experience offers a welcome respite from the world.

This German-based company produces music to relax and rejuvenate the soul. The expertly mixed compositions are the perfect peaceful backdrop for luxury spas, hotels, and wellness retreats. The melodic tones of songs like “Theme from cleaning and freshness” and “From Our Sacred World” set the mood for an oasis in the desert experience for clients who are often weighed down.

The brainchild of seasoned engineer Peter Bender, each customized collection is produced in the musical creativity center at the gegenwartstudio. This professional-grade studio is qualified to create unique pieces that resonate with the mind, body, and spirit experience. The mindful producer has the feeling for a project to engage the right musicians and artists, mostly through co-creation. This artistic and spiritual connection has one goal in mind to create a signature sound that will leave a lasting impression on customers.

Satisfied customers such as Susan G. of the Seezeit Lodge Hotel and Spa rave, “Peter has composed a very special musical experience for our guests…We are happy about these three relaxing sound creations: they are very well done and optimally matched to the philosophy of our house.”

As an LTG Award winner Peter’s studio was named “Recording Studio of the Year 2022/23” His practice of putting the wellness of his clients first has been recognized by contemporaries and his clientele. His thoughtful creations are sure to bring a sense of wellness as the waves of his quiescent soundscapes wash over each client to remove the debris and burdens of the day.

“The purpose of our existence is the immense passion for music and the fascination with the positive effects of sounds on people’s well-being,” adds Peter.

For more information or a private consultation, contact Peter Bender at [email protected].

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