Gaurav Srivastava and Sharon Srivastava Discuss their Commitment to the Global Food Security Crisis

Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation

Gaurav Srivastava and Sharon Srivastava Discuss the Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation’s Commitment to the Global Food Security Crisis

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2023/ — Committed to making a difference amidst the food crisis, Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava have established the Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation in the United States. Going beyond just words and expressing an extraordinary degree of kindness, the two co-founders are determined to deliver meaningful solutions that address the lack of access to food and energy on a global scale. By supporting organizations such as the Global Food Security Forum, they strive to identify obstacles preventing and impeding individuals from achieving economic success while simultaneously promoting education, health care and clean water resources. Working hard to ensure sufficient amounts of nutritious food is available for those in need – Gaurav Srivastava and his wife’s philanthropic efforts provide invaluable aid in sustaining vulnerable populations across the globe.

The current landscape of our world is creating bigger divides between those with abundant resources and those struggling to survive. As energy consumption increases in the food sector, prices are driven up and those who are already financially strained are hit even harder. Compounding this issue is the fact that up to a third of all food produced is lost or wasted in the production process, showing how inefficiently some of these resources are being managed. On top of that, an estimated 3 billion people have inadequate access to modern energy services for necessary purposes like heating and cooking. This scarcity of basic resources leads to poverty, hunger, and inaccessibility that has an immeasurable impact on local development. Uniting together in efforts to ensure that these disadvantaged groups across the globe can have the sustained access they need is essential for social progress.

Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava had the unique opportunity to serve as Co-Chairs at the Global Food Security Forum, held in November 2022. This event was a remarkable accomplishment with an impressive turnout of more than 700 leaders from government, business, expert advisors and civil society to discuss critical food security issues. Throughout the two-day forum, the attendees were able to participate in workshops and panel discussions designed to explore future opportunities for sustainable food security solutions on a global scale. In addition, a panel exclusively dedicated to ministers and high level representatives from agriculture ministries around the globe provided a platform for effective dialogue on food security challenges. It is certain that this prestigious event created an environment ripe for collaborative ideas that can make a meaningful impact in our world’s food security conditions.

As the world faces food insecurity and malnutrition, it is clear that new strategies must be developed to tackle the problem more effectively. Fortunately, the G20 nations have identified one of the potential solutions: increased collaboration between governments and private parties. At the Global Food Security Forum, this was clearly demonstrated by a willingness among governments to partner with various organizations and individuals in order to build a more robust system for food production and distribution. This recognition of the importance of these private partnerships provides real hope for overcoming the challenge of global food security. The Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation will strive to ensure these partnerships are mutually beneficial and promote gender equality in agriculture as part of our commitment to improving global food security.

The fight for food security is one that has been long-standing. Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava have been dedicated to joining in this struggle with the establishment of The Gaurav Srivastava and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation foundation in 2015. They are striving to provide food, not just now, but also looking towards the future to ensure next generations will have the necessary resources. Their focus lies largely on collaboration between private and government organizations throughout the world, creating more comprehensive solutions. This unified front will be able to address a wider area towards creating a more secure food supply for those who need it.

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