Commission-Hungry INFLUENCERS, UTAH Retail-BRANDS & Online Content-CREATORS Flock to PYVIT’s Lucrative Selling-Platform
Commission-Hungry INFLUENCERS, UTAH Retail-BRANDS & Online Content-CREATORS Flock to PYVIT’s Lucrative Selling-Platform for Influencers, Content Creators, Brands

Pyvit for Influencers, Content Creators, Brands

Increase Exposure, Grow Following, Monetize

Influencer, Content Creator, Monetize

Charitable Opportunities Await

Top Rated Best Reviewed Trusted

Trust Pilot 5-Star Reviews

Credible Reliable Trustworthy Popular

5-Star Google Reviews is the first elite ‘Influencer Shopping Experience’ that connects ‘Shoppers’ with Top Brands, Notable Influencers & the best Internet Content Creators

Being 100% committed to entrepreneurs, we have worked tirelessly to develop a Selling Platform that meets the needs of Shopper’s all while setting a new standard for all Brands, Creators & Influencers”

— Brent Jensen, President,

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2024 / —, a leading platform for connecting BRANDS, INFLUENCERS, and CONTENT CREATORS with consumers, has announced an exciting UPDATE for its Affiliate Marketing program. Effective immediately, affiliates can now earn up to 20% of sales, making it one of the most lucrative ‘Affiliate Programs’ in the online industry. This increase in commissions is a testament to PYVIT’s commitment to empowering go-getters and elevating their earnings.

PYVIT is: The World’s First ‘Influencer Shopping Experience’

( Text 801-809-7766 to receive a FREE ‘ Elite Membership’ )

( For more info, email: [email protected] )

With the rise of social media and the influencer culture, Affiliate Marketing has become a popular way for individuals to monetize their online presence. has been at the forefront of this trend, providing a platform for brands to collaborate with influencers and content creators to reach their target audience. The increased commissions will not only benefit affiliates but also attract more top influencers to join PYVIT’s network, providing a wider range of products and brand collections for consumers to shop from. Increases Affiliate Marketing Commissions Up to 20% of Sales by Connecting Brands, Influencers, and Content Creators Worldwide is currently shipping products to over 50 countries, making it a truly global platform. This means that affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions from a diverse range of consumers worldwide. The platform offers a seamless shopping experience for consumers, with a variety of products and brand collections curated by top influencers. This update in affiliate commissions is expected to further boost the platform’s growth and success.

“We are thrilled to announce the increase in affiliate commissions for our valued partners. At, we believe in empowering go-getters and providing them with opportunities to elevate their earnings. This update is a testament to our commitment to creating a mutually beneficial platform for brands, influencers, and content creators,” said Darren Jensen, CEO of’s increased affiliate commissions are now live, and affiliates can start earning up to 20% of sales immediately. With a global reach, diverse product offerings, and top influencers on board, is set to revolutionize the world of affiliate marketing. To learn more and join the platform, visit

* Top Leadership:

-Brent Jensen, Founder & President (Provo, Utah)

-Glen Jensen, Founder & CEO (Alpine, Utah)

-Darren Jay Jensen, Founder (Mapleton, Utah)

-Adam Paul Green, Brand Ambassador (Draper, Utah)

A social media influencer, usually referred to as simply an influencer, can be any individual with a significant follower count. They typically have established credibility within a certain niche and use that authority to connect with people via social media. However, what’s considered large is relative. Mention reports that 26.4% of Instagram accounts have less than 1,000 followers, while almost half have between 1,000 and 10,000. Although 10,000 may sound like a lot, it is overshadowed by the top social media influencer’s 622 million Instagram followers.


“Hey, PYVIT, I’m a good Influencer but I don’t have my own, or any other product, to sell?”

No problem. PYVIT has dozens of products that you can promote, endorse and make commissions on.



“Yo, PYVIT, I’m a smaller Influencer online but I want to grow my sphere and make $50,000 a month?”

Size matters: PYVIT will help you find, reach, connect to new online customers, and get more exposure.


“PYVIT, I’m in a different & real good space; I have millions of Followers. How do I best monetize myself?”

Size matters: PYVIT offers Brands, Technology, along with Image and Video Content assets. You’re set!



“I heard a rumor that PYVIT can ship a 1 lb. package across the world, in 7 days, for around $12, that true?”



“What’s the best way for an Influencer, Content Creator or Brand to connect to Shopper’s & increase income?”, of course.


“If I want the strongest Global Presence, at the best Price, with the most Tech Options, what’s the #1 answer?

You’re looking at it, yo.


Brent Jensen, President and Founder of PYVIT, further explains:

PYVIT, a leading technology company, is set to expand its highly anticipated platform in 2024. As the President of PYVIT, Brent Jensen has expressed his excitement for the upcoming growth and the potential it holds for the company and its clients.

Jensen, who has been at the helm of PYVIT for years, stated, “I am thrilled to announce the expansion of our new platform. This has been a long-awaited project, and I am confident that it will exceed all our Brand, Influencer and Content Creator clients’ expectations.” The updated platform promises to revolutionize the way businesses manage their data and streamline their operations.

The PYVIT platform boasts advanced features such as real-time data analytics, customizable dashboards, and seamless integration with existing systems. It also offers enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data. PYVIT has thought of everything.

PYVIT’s platform is expected to be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, it will provide (Brand, Influencer & Creator) businesses with the tools they need to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital world. The launch of the updated platform is a testament to PYVIT’s commitment to innovation and providing top-notch solutions for its clients. Jensen concluded, “I am excited to see the positive impact our platform will have on our clients’ businesses, and I am confident that it will pave the way for a successful future for PYVIT.”

The launch of PYVIT’s new platform has happened and the company is already receiving a lot of buzz and anticipation from industry experts. With Brent Jensen’s leadership and vision, PYVIT is poised to continue its success and cement its position as a leader in the technology industry.


*What is PYVIT?

The Influencer Connector. The best influencer shopping experience available: Welcome to PYVIT, the cutting-edge global commerce platform that seamlessly connects shoppers, brands, content creators, and influencers. Experience the power of our advanced platform that empowers influencers and content creators of all sizes to unlock their full earning potential and reach audiences in over 50 countries. Discover a world where influencers thrive, and content creators harness the true power of their creativity | Shipping to 50+ Countries | Earn Up 20% Commissions | Potential Monthly Income: $50,000 |

*Who is Financially Flourishing with PYVIT?

a) Shoppers: Follow your favorite influencers and get your hands on the latest and greatest products

b) Brands: Find successful influencers and opportunities to expand the global reach of your products

c) Content Creators: Create outstanding content with exceptional products and turn it into income

d) Influencers: Take control of your influence, expand your reach, and unlock your full earning potential

Start as a PYVIT influencer or creator today. Join the PYVIT revolution. Seize the moment with PYVIT! Join our revolutionary platform for free and redefine online commerce, content creation, and influencer marketing. Empowering you is our priority; we’re breaking financial barriers to unleash your full potential. Let’s reshape the digital landscape and create a brighter future together. PYVIT is your pathway to influencer and creator success. Embrace our platform today, unlock earning potential, and reshape audience connections. Together, we’ll revolutionize online commerce and content creation.

*Who is an ideal fit for PYVIT?

1- Fashion & Clothing Influencers

2- Fitness, Make-Up & Beauty Influencers

3- Music & Celebrity Influencers

4- Brand, Cosmetic & Pet Influencers

5- Blogger & Podcast Influencers

6- Parenting & TECH Influencers

7- Lifestyle & e-Sports Gaming Influencers

8- Travel, Nutrition & Food Influencers

9- Health & Fitness Influencers

10- Mental Health Influencers

11- Wellness & Thought Influencers

12- VIP Style & Car Influencers

13- Photography & Business Influencers

14- Film, TV, & Comedy Influencers

15- Nano, Micro, Mega & Macro Influencers

*If you are on these Social Media Platforms, and have 1000 to 10,000,000 Followers, you’re a perfect fit for PYVIT:

*Monthly Active Users (MAUs) For Each Social Media Platform?

YouTube: 2.5 billion ‘active’ users.

Instagram: 2 billion ‘active’ users.

TikTok: 1.2 billion ‘active’ users.

X: 541 million ‘active’ users.

*Who is most profitable on PYVIT?

1- Millennial Consumers

2- Gen-Z Consumers

Social media influencers are prominent figures. They dominate the online world and social apps we use daily to become household names. Social media platforms have elevated individuals around the world to reach an audience of millions, with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter) all boasting users in the tens of millions – and in some cases, even hundreds of millions.

But every platform is different, with its own style of content and recognizable top influencers. This can make it difficult to tell who the most influential people on social media are, rather than the most popular on one platform. By combining the total number of followers and subscribers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and X (Twitter) for each individual, we created a leaderboard of the top 30 social media influencers worldwide.

*Types Of Social Media Influencers (By Follower Count) …

a- Nano Influencer (1,000 to 10,000) … With a modest following, nano influencers typically have more trusting relationships with followers and are great for hyper-targeted campaigns.

b- Micro Influencer (10,000 to 100,000) …

Popular within a specific niche, micro influencers remain relatable and maintain high engagement rates with their target audience while getting more attention.

c- Macro Influencer (100,000 to 1,000,000 followers) …

Macro influencers possess broad appeal which can originally stem from a niche. Their large audience is established over a long time at the expense of lower engagement rates.

d- Celebrity influencer (1,000,000+ followers) …

These are well-known names in an industry with huge global audiences, making them great options for brand awareness campaigns but will likely cost a lot to work with.

*Who are the TOP 30 Social Media Influencers Worldwide as of June 2024?

1- Cristiano Ronaldo , Sport

2- Selena Gomez , Music

3- Ariana Grande , Music

4- Kylie Jenner , Influencer

5- Justin Bieber , Music

6- Leo Messi , Sport

7- Dwayne Johnson , Entertainment

8- Taylor Swift , Music

9- Kim Kardashian , Influencer

10- MrBeast , Content Creator

11- Beyoncé , Music

12- Katy Perry , Music

13- Khloé Kardashian , Influencer

14- Kendall Jenner , Influencer

15- Jennifer Lopez , Music

16- Virat Kohli , Sport

17- Neymar Jr , Sport

18- Rihanna , Music

19- Nicki Minaj , Music

20- Miley Cyrus , Music

21- Kourtney Kardashian , Influencer

22- Kevin Hart , Entertainment

23- Khaby Lame , Content Creator

24- Cardi B , Music

25- Demi Lovato , Music

26- Shakira , Music

27- Ellen DeGeneres , Entertainment

28- Billie Eilish , Music

29- Lebron James , Sport

30- Charli d’Amelio , Influencer

( )

*If you live in these creative cities, you’re a perfect candidate to utilize PYVIT:

New York, New York

 Los Angeles, California

 Chicago, Illinois

 Houston, Texas

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Phoenix, Arizona

 San Diego, California

 San Antonio, Texas

 Dallas, Texas

 Detroit, Michigan

 San Jose, California

 Indianapolis, Indiana

 Jacksonville, Florida

 San Francisco, California

 Columbus, Ohio

 Austin, Texas

 Memphis, Tennessee

 Baltimore, Maryland

 Charlotte, North Carolina

 Fort Worth, Texas

 Boston, Massachusetts

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 El Paso, Texas

 Washington, District of Columbia

 Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

 Seattle, Washington

 Denver, Colorado

 Las Vegas, Nevada

 Portland, Oregon

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 Tucson, Arizona

 Albuquerque, New Mexico

 Atlanta, Georgia

 Long Beach, California

 Kansas City, Missouri

 Fresno, California

 New Orleans, Louisiana

 Cleveland, Ohio

 Sacramento, California

 Mesa, Arizona

 Virginia Beach, Virginia

 Omaha, Nebraska

 Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Oakland, California

 Miami, Florida

 Tulsa, Oklahoma

 Minneapolis, Minnesota

 Honolulu, Hawaii

 Arlington, Texas

 Wichita, Kansas

 St. Louis, Missouri

 Raleigh, North Carolina

 Santa Ana, California

 Cincinnati, Ohio

 Anaheim, California

 Tampa, Florida

 Toledo, Ohio

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 Aurora, Colorado

 Bakersfield, California

 Riverside, California

 Stockton, California

 Corpus Christi, Texas

 Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

 Buffalo, New York

 St. Paul, Minnesota

 Anchorage, Alaska

 Newark, New Jersey

 Plano, Texas

 Fort Wayne, Indiana

 St. Petersburg, Florida

 Glendale, Arizona

 Lincoln, Nebraska

 Norfolk, Virginia

 Jersey City, New Jersey

 Greensboro, North Carolina

 Chandler, Arizona

 Birmingham, Alabama

 Henderson, Nevada

 Scottsdale, Arizona

 North Hempstead, New York

 Madison, Wisconsin

 Hialeah, Florida

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 Chesapeake, Virginia

 Orlando, Florida

 Lubbock, Texas

 Garland, Texas

 Akron, Ohio

 Rochester, New York

 Chula Vista, California

 Reno, Nevada

 Laredo, Texas

 Durham, North Carolina

 Modesto, California

 Huntington, New York

 Montgomery, Alabama

 Boise, Idaho

 Arlington, Virginia

 San Bernardino, California


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