Breaking Barriers: Mother-Daughter Duo Champions Mental Wellness in the Black Community Through Viral YouTube Series

Here Together, Healing Together: Championing Black Mental Wellness
Boone duo ignites crucial mental health dialogue in the Black community.

WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2024 / — [Washington, DC] — In a powerful and deeply personal initiative, Lauren Boone, a mental health clinician and founder of Lovewell Ministries, joins forces with her mother, Glenda Boone, a seasoned marketing executive, to tackle the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health within the African American community.

During her graduate studies, Lauren Boone knew that her work would be with families, but when she considered her position as both a minister and a mental health professional at the intersection of her race, she knew she had to heal some things within herself. So, when a family crisis hit her family of origin, Lauren and her mother both sought some help from therapists who were able to help them have the tough conversations that led to Here Together, Healing Together- a four-part mother-daughter YouTube series on their journey to having a healthier relationship. Since then, Lauren has been helping families and people start the conversation so that they may love themselves and others as well.

The deeply resonant episodes attracted the interest of acclaimed journalist Deborah Roberts, leading to an invitation to share their story on the “Good Morning America” show recently. The segment received an overwhelming response, uncovering a widespread and urgent need for mental health resources and support in communities of color—a need much greater than Glenda and Lauren could have ever anticipated.

In response to the outpouring of support and the clear demand for accessible mental health resources, Lauren Boone has curated a comprehensive resource list, available on her website. This list is especially tailored to assist individuals of color in seeking mental health services, providing a much-needed directory in a field where such resources are often lacking or difficult to find.

“This journey has been one of vulnerability and strength,” said Lauren Boone. “My mother’s diagnosis and our shared experiences have highlighted the silent struggle many African Americans face when it comes to mental health. Our mission is to change the narrative, provide support, and empower those who feel alone in their fight.”

Glenda Boone, who has lived the reality of battling SWS alongside depression, is a beacon of hope and resilience. “Our conversations are more than just discussions; they’re lifelines for those suffering in silence,” she asserts. “Together with Lauren, we’re dedicated to creating a space for healing and understanding.”

The “Here Together, Healing Together” series is not only an eye-opener but also a call to action for the African American community to prioritize mental health and seek help without fear of judgment or stigma. It is a starting point for many to engage in open dialogues about mental health, fostering a community of support and acceptance.

For more information about the YouTube series, the resource list, and Lovewell Ministries, please get in touch with Lauren Boone at the contact information provided above.

About Lovewell Ministries:
Lovewell Ministries, founded by Lauren Boone, is committed to nurturing mental health and well-being within the African American community. By leveraging digital platforms and community outreach, the ministry strives to educate, destigmatize, and facilitate access to mental health resources, ensuring that help and hope are within reach for all.


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