A Star-Studded Holiday Extravaganza: eZWay Family Holiday Celebration Benefiting Better Vision for Children Toy Drive

Event Benefiting Better Vision for Children (BVC): Inspiring local children to envision and create a better future through mentorship, support, and better eyesight.

Inspiring local children to envision and create a better future through mentorship, support, and better eyesight.

Event Benefiting Better Vision for Children (BVC): Inlcuding program items. Inspiring local children to envision and create a better future through mentorship, support, and better eyesight.

eZWay Family Holiday BVC Toy Event

Husband and wife duo Mike Masif and Joaris Bella performing at eZWay BVC Holiday Event

This event promises to be a spectacular day of joy, networking, food, entertainment, giving, and pure enjoyment with friendly connections and famous faces.

It’s a pleasure to bring this event to our community, our generosity fuels BVC’s mission to improve children’s lives and vision for their future while making a difference for countless children.”

— James Zuley

MISSION VIEJAO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Noteworthy TV and Film Stars to Grace Local Orange County Event: eZWay Connections Holiday Celebration Extravaganza with Dinner Catered by Munch City and a Silent Auction Benefiting Better Vision for Children. An All-Day Event of Impact and Holiday Elegance in Mission Viejo, California
Mission Viejo, CA — December 15, 2023 —

Silent Charity Auction

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Can’t Make it to the Event?

Better Vision for Children Charity hosts an extraordinary affair as Noteworthy Celebrities, including·

Hawthorne James (Color Purple, Speed, Five Heart Beats),

Brian Hooks (The Proud Family, Soul Plane),

Actress Kate Linder (Esther Valentine on The Young and the Restless),

TV Personality Johnny Venokur (Scott Baio’s “45 and Single”)

Dr. Dante Sears (Big Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair model Board Member, BVC Charity)

Katherin Kovin Pacino (Actress, Al Pacino Step Mom)

Eugenia Kuzmina (Supermodel, Bad Moms, Models of Comedy),

Ken Davitian (Film and TV star: Borat, Meet the Spartans, Cobra Kai),

Actress, Reatha Grey (“Shameless”, Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers”),

Gabriel Cannon (ABC “Claim To Fame” Season 2)

Rayster Michaels (Actor, Filmmaker)

Scorpio (Award Winning Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, Soul Train Dancer),

Senator Diane Watson

Actress, Director Millena Gay

Elijah Green (Actor)

Carol Register (Neuro Leadership Coach)

Toni Kaufman (Producer Latin Grammy’s, eZWay Network VP)

Kymberli Boyton (Keeping Up with Kym)

April A Ross (Int’l Queen of Connection & Intimacy)

Raquel Sanchez and Al Harris (Kiss the Monkeys)

Tara Jones (Founder National Women’s Veteran Association)

Jackie Harris (Founder of Imagine Trading and Full Body Recharge)

Wendy Lynn Adams (Dated Elvis, Recording Artist)

Dr. Prince Olympia Gellini (Founder of Family Film Awards, Olympia Award, World Film Institute)

James Zuley (Pres., BVC)

Eric Zuley (eZWay Network CEO, Event Producer, Axe Body Spray ‘Music Star’)

These celebrities and influencers are set to grace the eZWay Connections Holiday Celebration Extravaganza, benefitting Better Vision for Children.

This day-long event promises a perfect blend of impact, holiday elegance, and a touch of Hollywood glamor, all happening in the beautiful city of Mission Viejo, California.

BVC’s mission is to improve children’s lives while making a lasting difference in their vision health and in their vision for their future.

The event promises to be a spectacular day of networking, food tasting, entertainment, invaluable business information, giving back, holiday shopping, and pure enjoyment with friendly connections and famous faces.

Daytime Activities:

eZWay Connections Networking Lunch: Join us for a networking lunch, connecting entrepreneurs and change-makers with the power to transform lives.

BVC Children’s Toy Drive: Everyone is asked to spread joy by bringing a smile to a child’s face by contributing to our Children’s Toy Drive.

Speaker’s Pitch Party: Participate in the Speaker Pitch Party to promote business ideas and services while live streamed on TV

Silent Charity Auction Open Online Benefiting BVC: Bid for exclusive items and experiences, with proceeds supporting Better Vision for Children (BVC). Featuring Shekhar Rahate Fashions and the K Kovin Jewelry Collection.

Evening Highlights:

VIP ACCESS to the Stars/Walk the Gold Carpet: Take a walk with the papparazzi get photos taken on the iconic Gold Carpet!

Event Coverage by eZWay TV, Pure Essence TV, Tap Interviews, R&B TV and FAN TV: Tune in for comprehensive coverage by industry leaders in media and entertainment.

Celebrity Photography by Getty Images: Capture the glamour with celebrity photography by Getty Images.

Live Performances and by power couple Mike Masif, Joaris Bella

Music by DJ Banga

eZWay Network 2024 Solutions Unveiling: Explore the latest and most cutting-edge Marketing Platform for Entrepreneurs.

BVC Presentation and Live Charity Auction: Bid for exclusive items and experiences, with proceeds supporting Better Vision for Children (BVC).

Featuring the K Kovin Jewelry Collection.

Special Private Movie Screening: “I Want to Jump”: Premiere invitation screening directed by Debbie Paulsen, highlighting the importance of Suicide Prevention during the holidays.

Event Sponsors:

Wealth XO

K Kovin Jewelry

ERC Junction

DL Transportation Limo Services

Megamix Expo

BluDiamond Events

Solomon Luxury Limos

Innergy Magazine

WPS Events

Standout Stars Spreakers Bureau

AMG Management

Advantage Video Systems

April A Ross Unleashed LLC and Yes to L.I.F.E.

Catering by Munch City

Event Benefiting Better Vision for Children (BVC): Inspiring local children to envision and create a better future through mentorship, support, and better eyesight.

Contributions to Better Vision for Children (BVC), is a recognized California 501(c)(3) Organization, that holds the power to make a profound impact on the lives and vision of children across America, particularly those in need. BVC is dedicated to uplifting the next generation by providing essential mentorship that instills hope and guidance. Support goes beyond, extending a helping hand to children facing life-threatening vision issues, and it aids in providing eye care kits and innovative eye-exercise devices. In a world where increased screen time and technological advancements are prevalent, Donations ensures that children receive the necessary tools to navigate and thrive in this evolving landscape.

eZWay Network, based in Mission Viejo, is a dynamic marketing company specializing in connecting celebrities and high-level CEOs with local businesses, propelling them into national and international markets to enhance market share and brand visibility. At the core of their operations is the vibrant eZWay Family community—an assembly of business owners, entertainers, and celebrities collaborating in a friendly, fun, and entertaining atmosphere. This network actively engages in networking events, fostering relationships to boost their networks and brand presence. Complementing in-person connections, the eZWay Family utilizes the eZWayi and the eZWay Wall of Fame, a digital Wall of Fame and social network for top business leaders, coaches, and entertainers. Create a free account and join the community ezwaynetwork.com invite code ezway.

Join us in creating a brighter future for these young minds, empowering them with the gift of clear sight and the guidance they need to flourish on December 15th for a day and night that promises not only a holiday party of glitz and glamour, but a celebration of friends, family, and all of our combined successes in 2023 and beyond.

Welcome to the Gold Carpet!

For media inquiries, contact:

Toni Kaufman, Dr Dante Sears

(877) 399-2929 | [email protected]

James Zuley
Better Vision for Children
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Better Vision for Children lights up the holidays with star studded dinner and a show.

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