Music Reactor Announces Syn Genre to Soften the Music Industry AI Dilemma
Music Reactor Announces Syn Genre to Soften the Music Industry AI Dilemma

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Sep 26, 2023

A new Syn (Synergetic) genre classification gives music artists a category to showcase AI work.

Music Reactor has announced the formation of the Syn genre, an abbreviation for Synergetic, to recognize and support artists who use AI and other computer-based tools in their work. According to Music Reactor Managing Director Forrest Blair, “AI is an advanced tool that artists can use to explore their creative ideas more deeply.” Until now, the recording industry has had a difficult time making room for AI-based music while still granting traditional Grammy awards. 

While speaking to the issue, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. recently said, “The Academy is here to support and advocate and protect and represent human artists.” Blair of Music Reactor highlighted their goal with the Syn classification, which is to “recognize and celebrate human artists who use intelligent tools in the creative process.”

To demonstrate the potential of the Syn genre, Music Reactor recently released and promoted the song Water Dance, a Syn Pop/Dance track featuring 100% AI vocals. Check out Water Dance and explore the possibilities of the Syn genre.

Water Dance: Song Play Links

Music Reactor is an association of music artists, producers, and developers who use intelligent tools to advance the value of music. Through collaboration, members aim to push the boundaries of creativity, development, and innovation. Get in touch with Music Reactor to learn more.

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