, a Rapidly Growing Media Site, Launches Game News & Review Services

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Mar 31, 2023 09:00 EDT

To realize a vision of supporting games around the world, goes beyond the framework of just web media.

Game8’s overseas branch, (headquarters: Shibuya, CEO: Shunsuke Sawamura), known for offering top-notch video game walkthrough media to western audiences, has recently launched new services focusing on gaming news and reviews. launched in July 2019, and by March 2020, it was gaining over 5 million PVs and 1 million unique users monthly. By October 2020, was up to 25 million monthly PVs and 5 million unique users, showing an explosive amount of growth. Throughout 2021, has continued that upward trend and has become a world-class gaming media site with over 62 million PVs and 11 million unique users monthly. (With 11 million monthly active users, is on a scale that makes them one of the top 30 overseas web media from Japan.)

In February 2023, Game8 created a new independent site specializing in gaming news and reviews. In addition to articles, Game8 also produces original video content, allowing users to view their news and reviews through various media. 

To realize their vision of supporting games around the world, goes beyond the framework of just web media. While they still provide high-quality strategy guide wikis, Game8 now also offers marketing solutions and management support for game companies on a global scale.

Media Contact

Game8 is always looking for companies interested in posting information on new games. Please contact [email protected] for more details. 

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Game8 is a video game walkthrough site that officially launched in 2019, and is currently viewed by people all over the world. They are always striving to improve the quality of their guides and offer comprehensive game information, keeping a tight user-first policy in mind!

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