Dr. Sally Smith From ‘Take Care of Maya’ Speaks Out
Dr. Sally Smith From ‘Take Care of Maya’ Speaks Out

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Jan 16, 2024

‘Nobody Should Believe Me’ Features Exclusive Three-Part Interview

The popular award-winning true crime investigative podcast about Munchausen by proxy “Nobody Should Believe Me” is airing an exclusive three-part interview with Dr. Sally Smith, the Florida child abuse pediatrician featured in the Netflix film “Take Care of Maya.” Dr. Smith talks to host and author Andrea Dunlop, whose non-fiction book on the same topic is forthcoming from St. Martin’s Press. The explosive final installment will air on Thursday, January 18th 2024.

Netflix’s 2023 hit film “Take Care of Maya” purports to tell the true story of Maya Kowalski, a young girl brought to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a little-known pain condition called CRPS in October of 2016. The visit instigated a child abuse investigation and a three-months-long separation from Maya’s parents. Tragically, her mother Beata died by suicide in January 2017. In October of 2023, the surviving members of the Kowalski family won a shocking $260 million verdict against Johns Hopkins All Children’s. Much of the blame for Beata’s death was put on Dr. Sally Smith, the child abuse pediatrician who determined that Maya was a victim of medical child abuse (also known as Munchausen by proxy). As a result, Dr. Smith has received death threats, harassment, and endured utter reputational ruin.

“A rich and harrowing chronicle of Munchausen by proxy” — The New York Times

In an exclusive interview with the award-winning hit podcast “Nobody Should Believe Me,” Dr. Sally Smith gives her side of the story, discussing her decades-long career as one of the country’s first board-certified child abuse pediatricians, the incendiary media coverage of her and the harassment it’s inspired. She also shares never-before-revealed details about the $2.5 million settlement she reached with the Kowalski family. As the nation becomes more aware of the little-understood form of abuse known as Munchausen by proxy, this stunning interview with Dr. Smith asks the essential question of the Kowalski case: Did the doctor who was vilified for separating Maya from her mother actually save her life?

Source: Nobody Should Believe Me, LLC

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