The Juvenile Pre-Post is an objective, evidence-based, self-report, assessment instrument or test that measures treatment effectiveness. The same test is administered twice: Before treatment (pre-test) and at treatment completion (post-test). Computer comparison of pre-test and post-test scores results in a Comparison Report.

The pre-test serves as a baseline against which post-test scores are compared. Court and treatment history are minimized, and the time referent is "here-and-now."

The Juvenile Pre-Post consists of 161 items and takes on average 30 minutes to complete. The Juvenile Pre-Post is a reliable and valid, computer scored test that provides a Comparison Report, within 2½ minutes of data (answers) entry.

The Problem

In the past, juveniles were assumed to have been rehabilitated, cured or made well, by virtue of having completed assigned or mandated treatment. However, there is now research (Mechanic, Weaver & Resick, 2000; Eckhardt, 2004; Broome, Flynn, Knight & Simpson, 2007) that demonstrates these assumptions are frequently not true, particularly, when treatment is court ordered or required by a probation officer. When juvenile treatment is completed, the question invariably arises, "Was treatment effective?" The Juvenile Pre-Post helps answer that question.

Juvenile Pre-test (Pretreatment) Status

The Juvenile Pre-Post pre-test report summarizes the juvenile pretreatment (before treatment) status, when measured by Juvenile Pre-Post scales: Truthfulness, Alcohol, Drug, Violence, Control, and Stress Management. Pretreatment scale score severity becomes the baseline for subsequent post-test (after treatment) comparison. Comparison results are reported as change (e.g., positive, neutral or negative change).

Juvenile Comparison Report

The Juvenile Pre-Post Comparison Report juxtaposes, matches, and compares pre-test and analogous, post-test scale scores. Pre-test scale scores become the baseline for the post-test comparison. Comparison results are reported as change, e.g. positive, neutral, or negative change. All Juvenile Pre-Post scales are compared numerically and graphically, to highlight analogous pre-test/post-test scale score similarities and differences. To review a Juvenile Pre-Post Comparison Report, click on the Comparison Report link.

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